When grandfather (Jan Terlouw) regrets the abuses in the family business on his deathbed, granddaughter (Joy Verberk) seems to be the right person to change the company for good - were it not that uncle and aunt (Ilse Warringa and Bert Hana) think slightly differently about this.
Producer: PEERFILM, Avans Hogeschool

Winner Best Plot Twist, Absurd Film Festival (Italy 2023)
Winner Sunrise Trophy, Better World Film Festival (Munich, Germany 2023)
Honorable Mention, 12th Annual Workers Unite Film Festival (New York, US 2023)

Shortcuts (Amsterdam, NL 2023)
International Labour Film Festival (Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Turkey 2023)
Near Nazareth Festival (Israel 2023)
Absurd Film Festival (Italy 2023)
Limburg Film Festival (Venlo, NL 2023)
Cinema e Ambiente Avezzano (Italy 2023)
Groene Peper Festival (Leeuwarden, NL 2023)
Burbank International Film Festival (Los Angeles, US 2023)
Helsinki Education Film Festival International (Helsinki, FINLAND 2023)

Exhibition Museum Lichtspiele (Munich, Germany 2023)


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