Imagine: in 2029, the government will criminalize acting contrary to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In the movie 'STRAF', filmmaker Kees-Jan Mulder and New Economy Lecturer Godelieve Spaas investigate the consequences of that decision. Who is in prison then? What have they done? And will punishment help to achieve the goals? We see four women who are incarcerated for very different reasons. What drove them to those actions, do they regret or not afterwards, and what plans do they have for their lives after the punishment?
Producer: PEERFILM, Avans Hogeschool 

- Selection ELIA Biennial Conference (Helsinki, Finland 2022)
- selection Whistleblower Summit & Film Festival (Washington D.C., US 2022)
- Selection ARTS x SDGS Festival (New York, US 2022)
- Selection Smart Cities Conference (Eindhoven 2022)
- Selection NewBee Fest (Rotterdam 2022)
- Museum exhibition 'FUTURE of Work' (willem II, den bosch 2022)
- selection liberty intaernational movie festival (seoul, south korea 2022)

#sdgstraf #sdgpunished

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