Gods Lam (2013) – 21 minutes
Screenplay, director
For Zakaria (11), son of an Islamic butcher,
this year’s Feast of Sacrifice will be the first one without his mother.
Things get messed up when his handicapped brother accidentally gets attached
to the lamb intended for the same Feast…

Premiered at the Dutch Film Festival 2013
- Winner KIDS Competition zUBROFFKA Film Festival 2014
- Winner HKU-Award 2013 and HKU Audience Award 2013 for most innovative artwork of the Utrecht School of the Arts.
- Winner Kerk & Wereld Jongerenprijs, as initiator of interreligious dialogue with the ‘Gods Lam’ project
- Opening film PThU International Conference 2014 'God in the Public Domain'
Other festivals
- Dutch Film Festival (Utrecht, Netherlands 2013) - Premiere, nomination for the Tuschinski Award, Dioraphte Award and Dutch Film Producers Award at the NFF Student Competition
- International Film Festival Film by the Sea (Vlissingen, Netherlands 2013) – Finalist for Best Film of Zeeland Award
- Changemaker Festival (Heino, Netherlands 2013)
- CLIFF (Ontario, Canada 2013)
- GoShort International Film Festival (Nijmegen, Netherlands 2014)
- zUBROFFKA International Film Festival (Białystok, Poland 2014)
Winner KIDS Competition, Polish film award for best European short film for high school youth
- AS Film Festival (Rome, Italy 2015)
- ASFF OnTheRoad (Verona, Italy 2015)
- International Children’s Film Festival (Lucknow, India 2016)
- Festival Internacional de Cine y Audiovisual Infantil y Juvenil (Mérida, Venezuela 2016)
- CUMP Student Film Festival (Nairobi, Kenya 2017)
Screening in museums
- NoordBrabants Museum,
's-Hertogenbosch 2023 – exhibition 'BRUEGHEL: DE FAMILIEREÜNIE'
- Museum Catharijne Convent, Utrecht 2013
- Museum Hilversum, Hilversum 2013 – exhibition ‘Oh my God’
- Stadsschouwburg, Amsterdam 2013 – opening film for Salaam Shalom Amsterdam
- MAXXI National Museum of the XXI Century Arts, Rome 2015 – exhibition on autism in film

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